The 20 Best Locations In The World For Bike Riding

View A Map Of The 20 Best Locations in the World To Go Bike Riding

Biking has always been popular, but in some places more than others. There are many different reasons why people ride bikes; some do it as a means of transportation, while others do it as a way to exercise, or it could even just be a hobby of theirs.

These particular locations that are pinpointed on the map (linked above) have made the list as some of the best spots for biking around the world, and not just for any reason. These places, including Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo have made the list because of various criteria regarding bike-friendliness, along with bike paths and routes, and they were also highly ranked for others things as well, such as the scenery.

Bike-riding seems to be extremely prominent in Europe, with the most of the locations being in that region.  Within this region, we can see that Spain, France, Netherlands, and Germany are home to several of the best biking locations, with each of the countries having three.

If you like biking or are interested in visiting any of these locations from this, you should definitely consider taking a bike ride there!

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